Just a small note. I can’t say this in public with a straight face, but I am very excited that Project Runway will be returning for its fifth season starting July 16th. Despite all the commotion for PR’s pending move to Lifetime after the fifth season, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors are all returning for this last season on Bravo. It’s hard to believe that the quality of design would improve and that the personality of designers would be more pleasant/fun than in the fourth season, but here’s hoping…!

In the meantime, between the season four finale, in January, if I recall (??), and now, the season four designers have just been all over the airwaves — even those who were eliminated earlier in the season have been interviewed and expanding their careers. Of course, most of the attention has focused on the precociously talented winner, Christian Siriano, and the runner-ups, such as Rami Kashou (who should not have been allowed on the show in my opinion as he had already dressed Hollywood starlets), Chris March, and Jillian Lewis — and to a lesser extent Victorya Hong, whose blog is linked here and who is definitely talented, but turned out to be not well liked by many others on PR. ( Oh, and… Sweet P and Kit, but I am not a huge fan of theirs. )

With the advent of season five, we will see less of this season four cast of characters as they fade from memory and all that is current — but they have given us a good ride. I hope they will be back. For more information, here is a glimpse at Heidi Klum’s business savvy (including details on the success of the show), a graphic for season five, and the press release giving details on the new season. All compliments of Blogging Project Runway (BPR).