When I am not portending doom for society if we raise taxes or restrict trade, I am finding new ways to become a corporate shill. It was with glee, then, that I opened my mail today and received notice from the Bank of America regarding its “Museums on Us” (trademarked!) program:

Museums on Us – your weekend getaway for arts and culture. As a valued Bank of America customer, you can receive free admission to over 70 museums nationwide the first weekend of every month with Museums on Us (TM). Just present your Bank of America debit, credit or ATM card, along with your photo ID at participating museums. To learn more and to sign up for monthly email or text reminders visit bankofamerica.com/museums.

Hey now! It’s a good thing I actually looked at this BoA mailing because normally I just dump them in the trash. This promotion is a clever move on BoA’s part that will increase goodwill for the institution even as it broadens people’s horizons. It’s a benefit that I certainly didn’t expect, but nonetheless appreciate. These are the sorts of things we take for granted — how self-interested persons or institutions may satisfy their wants and simultaneously work in social (public) interest. ( And in an effort to make more profit but also satisfy our wants, they now allow us to customize our cards by uploading a graphic of our choice! Starship Enterprise check card, here we come! )

In any event, your BoA card will get you into some good museums. In New York, according to the BoA website, you can get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art (normal entry price for adults: $20), the Jewish Museum ($12), New York Hall of Science, International Center of Photography (ICP — a definite highly recommended institution from this author due to their prompt responses to me when I worked at the Harn– normal adult entry price $12), Bronx Zoo ($27), and New York Aquarium ($12)! In Florida, the pickings are somewhat more limited, but the state has yet to fulfill its potential in this area. All in all, we live in a pretty great world. So if you live in New York especially, make a weekend of it and have some fun.