I can barely contain myself. The purveyors of anti-market (read: anti-human) ideology are at it again. Tyler Green has a post gushing about the prospects of the Obama Administration’s cultural policymakers.

First of all, do these people ever stop to say: why in the world is government spending money on cultural policy? Culture occurs everywhere and is always changing. It is always passed down in new and different ways, generation to generation. No culture, or art, is inherently superior to any other. If these assumptions are true: then why is government involved with trying to change it? Why do we need President-Elect Obama to use taxpayer money to direct culture? If he does so on his own, as he has, fine — I love seeing his Mao/Stalin-inspired Socialist visage on every leftist student’s car window just like anyone else.

But to spend our money on doing it…? That is definitely not one of the President’s constitutional roles, nor should it be. It should be up to the people to decide. To do otherwise is indeed the hallmark of a Socialist or Communist government. Why do we need to control culture?!